What To Know Before Getting A Tattoo

This is where you can look for resources on tattoo consideration, safety, and general information.  Basically, everything you need to know before you consider getting a tattoo.  

Articles and websites:

Getting Inked:  Your Guide to Tattoo Safety

Article on the safety of getting a tattoo.

Bodyart:What You Need to Know before Getting a Tattoo or Piercing

A university’s website on need-to-know information before getting a tattoo.


Questions to Ask Before Getting a Tattoo

A YouTube video asking and then answering questions that are a must before entering a tattoo shop.  They also give you questions to ask your tattoo artist.


The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Getting a Tattoo by John Reardon

A book that answers any and all questions regarding tattooing.

Ink: The Not-Just-Skin-Deep Guide to Getting a Tattoo by Terisa Green Ph.D.

This book features information about choosing tattoos, post-care, long term effects, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions About Body Piercing and Tattooing by Sarah Sawyer

A book that answers burning teen questions about getting a tattoo and/or piercing.



You can look in your local library to find resources. You’ll be able to find information about tattoos in and around 391.65 in the nonfiction section of the library. You may also find useful information regarding Tattoo selection by using these Library of Congress Subject Headings when searching:

Tattooing–Tattooing Health Aspects–Juvenile Literature 


Body Piercing 



Citation for picture used:

chelmsfordpubliclibrary. (2008).  Young Adult Reading Room. Retrieved from


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