After Care

You just got a tattoo!  Now it’s time to take proper care of it.  Here’s how:


Tattoo Aftercare

A tattoo place offers advice on tattoo after care.

Care For A New Tattoo 

A wiki-how on how to care for a freshly-inked tattoo


Frequently asked questions about body piercing and tattooing / Sarah Sawyer.

Everything you’d like to know about body piercing and getting a tattoo.  This includes tattoo care, as well.

Customizing the body : the art and culture of tattooing / Clinton R. Sanders.

This book covers the history of tattoos and gives you full appreciation for your new body art!


You can look in your local library to find resources. You’ll be able to find information about tattoos in and around 391.65 in the nonfiction section of the library. You may also find useful information regarding Tattoo selection by using these Library of Congress Subject Headings when searching:




Citation of picture used:

Reut C.  (2009).  My Fresh Tattoo  Retrived from

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